Sunday, 7 August 2016

Do we have the courage for a Free Press?

Young, hopeful and talented journalist Michael Gray asks in his article for the National newspaper, do we have the courage to have a free press?

I believe its more than this too. Not only do we need questioning minds – we need radical re-thinks urgently.

A century ago ordinary men and women fought in the first global scale war  of WW1. There were major upheavals at this time. In Russia, another Peasants Revolt led by Marxist socialist thought, when their royal family were killed.
And brought reminders of the French and American revolutions. In England, the Peasants Revolt of  1381. At times of great disparity between the rich and poorer, something has to give. Unfortunately the socialism of Red Russia simply brought in another elite to replace the first one.  

Progressive socialism requires a well educated work force, good childcare provision and a level playing field for all citizens – not subjects! It requires all citizens to realise that to achieve a healthy, happier society requires far greater equality and fairness for all.

The greed of the trickle-down capitalism of Reagan and Thatcher’s 80s years – of big shoulders, big hair, big high rises, big bankers bonuses – the theory was that this would raise everyone up! Some continue to believe in this classical empire building model. Then there are the failed theories of socialism of the Left’s tax and spend, without pursuing economic growth also.

The healthiest and happiest nations have both – capitalist growth alongside strong social responsibility. This doesn’t mean countries like Sweden encourage laziness or scroungers.

We now have an opportunity with all the major advances in technology, communication and travel to put things right.

This can only happen in small places. Therefore Nicola sturgeon  in Scotland has a moral responsibility to pursue Scottish Independence while it has to happen from the ground or grassroots upwards.

**Historian Naill Fergusson, In the Sunday Times, argues that ‘Fleet street’ supported Blair’s decisions to go to the Iraq War.

What is this? Journalists are not elected by the people and the journalists are controlled by commercial Barons. Does this mean the UK Press – controlled by one man Rupert Murdoch – that this is OK too?
Murdoch’s Papers all supported NO in the Scottish referendum and LEAVE in the EU referendum. There were ‘free’ voices – Charles Kennedy, Robin Cooke, Alex Salmond and more – who campaigned against the war.

**AND on the BBCs Question Time 7th July – one women asked my question – Can we have fair democracy of free Referendums with a Press controlled by the media mogul Rupert Murdoch?
The BBC only spends a small proportion of the money raised in Scotland on BBC Scotland programing.

Religious Understandings

Interesting bit on the radio yesterday about the attack on the French Catholic church - she was saying that no religion is BETTER than any another, just DIFFERENT. I wondered is this not part of the problem even today here in Scotland and England. My family is from Northern Ireland where some believe the Protestant religion is better than other religions and hold Orange marches to prove this. It is such an outdated belief - we have moved on from burning people at the stake for religious beliefs! Yet in evolution terms it is not so long ago - and some still wave these flags of prejudice and carry hate in their hearts for those of different cultures and races. Education such as of Philosophy is key, so we all have broader understandings of what religion and tribalism is really all about. We need to look at our own prejudices here at home and change them if we want attitudes to improve elsewhere

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Murdoch and Control by News Corp

News Corp (1969) is owned by the Press mogul Rupert Murdoch.
The real question is - How much control does Murdoch have via Sky News and Print Press worldwide?
His Media Conglomerate owns  - News Corp, 20th Century Fox, (1985) Harper Collins (1989), Wall St Journal (2007), SKY TV, Asian Networks, South American press.

In the UK he owns – BSkyB (1990), The Sun, The Times (1981). News of the World ( (1969). In America Murdoch can only own 25% of the media, in the UK there are no controls over what one person can own.

Also in the UK –  DMG media own the second biggest selling press and online news - The Daily Mail,  The Sunday Mail and the mailonline.

These outfits use ‘Click Baits’ online that are full of gimmicky headlines, misinformation and down right lies. During the Scottish Referendum campaigns of 2014 I was shocked at the misleading lies. Such as our poet Robert Burns being a unionist – as if – when he wrote songs such as ‘Parcel of Rogues to the Nation! ‘

What effect does uncontrolled GREED have? When wealth is controlled not by a king maker, but by an evil dictator whose agenda is simply amassing more money? People run scared for their jobs – scared to speak  their minds or the truth.

Was BREXIT controlled by this man and his papers in his efforts to stop the power of the EU? Telling the average English worker he would earn more if only the Immigrants left the UK.

The Brexit campaign was full of – Take back Control – control of what exactly was never answered though. There was never any plan. Was this a strength too – without a plan there was nothing for the Remain side to pick holes in.

Should one man have so much control?  That’s the real question.  Is democracy about cabinet and Parliament – not ONE DICTATOR.

And the Question remains - Does the press reflect or lead public opinion?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Misrepresented the Truth: Chilcot Report

**CHILCOT report TODAY – AFTER 7 YEARS.!! Resulted in dreadful misery in Iraq and around the world.

“”People who walk past the ‘HOUSES OF POWER’ – have to realise that they do have  a VOICE.  Our sons and brothers killed in Iraq are no longer here – but we will be their voice now.”

Teflon Tony - he's a great actor. 

The report claims Blair knew what he was doing and the certainty of WMD threat was ‘not justified’ and you cannot go to war for regime change. Also the soldier's equipment was poor. 

**The CHILCOT report TODAY –
Hidden today and brought out the day Andy Murray plays Wimbledon and 2 semi-finals Euro 2016.  (They also buried Hunt's imposing the Junior doctors contract today! ) Unbelievable. KEEP THE MASSES HAPPY and ignorant.

Tony Bliar says "he had to make decisions" - what he means was - he was able to be a "Dictator" who never even consulted his Cabinet. He LIED in Parliament about the weapons. He was warned repeatedly about the risks of going to war.

And what of Bush are Americans happy with the shambles left in the middle east?
Bliar knew what he was doing.  The thousands of women and men and children who died, died for no reason.

The families hope that lessons will be learnt and that any action to war must be rigorously debated.
One father. said “I can only conclude my son died in vain.’  And we reserve the right to take all parties to court. “
Families asked to meet Tony Bliar face to face – one sister asked for Blair look me in the eye.

The Chilcot Report says that Bliar knew he was misrepresenting the truth.  Bliar says – I took it I good faith and in what I believed was the best interest of the country.
He wrote to Bush in April 2002, “I will be with you whatever.”  

The Labour MP Clare Short  claimed – ‘Everything before the war by Tony Bliar was kept totally secret – unbelievable. London Government needs to change, totally undemocratic. No minutes taken, in informal system..  Need to tighten up conditions taken to go to war. “Bliar would hang onto Bush’s ankles and the government would hang on to Bliar’s. “

Blair defends that he was right to topple Saddam.  The  Chilcot report says that the certainty of WMD threat  was ‘not justified’.  You cannot go to war for regime change.

We pay our LICENCE Fees for a 'State Controlled' Tv channel that tells us LIES!! Blair's actions as a dictator costs the lives of thousands.
 “Blair is the biggest terrorist, “
Blair gave a press conference straight after - he should be given an Oscar as a Great Actor!
*     *    *      *

Bliar is a LIAR - fool, an amateur and con man – he is spineless, deluded, stupid, shallow, blind. He did not listen and decided a year before the Iraq war when he told Bush he would support him – and he did not upgrade the army’s equipment. Never mind about the soldiers lives then? Apparently they did not even have mobile phones.

I will never forget marching for Peace up to Hyde Park rally London. Some were dancing for peace. I wondered about this war and what was it really for?

The Chilcot Report - Hidden today and brought out the day Andy Murray plays Wimbledon and 2 semi-finals Euro 2016. They also buried Hunt's imposing the Junior doctors contract today! Unbelievable. KEEP THE MASSES HAPPY and ignorant.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

With Brexit has the Nation State changed?

Now is a time to look at the bigger pictures after this surprise Leave EU vote by middle England’s older voters. In todays world of instant Internet connections and easy travel - perhaps the Nation State and what it means has changed irreversibly? 

Its important to know and understand both our nationhood and our interconnections with other places.  Perhaps it is necessary to be grounded in order to be outward-looking?

Englanders want England back it seems. Scottish people want Scotland back too. What this all means for Ireland or for their ancient old rivalries is hard to call – will the northern Irish people really want old borders back again?

However what will this mean for scientists and others who rely on co-operation and funding in Europe?

The rest of England has spoken up against the elites of both London and Europe. Just as Scotland too has been speaking against these elites. The banking crash of 2009 is causing major upheavals.

**The EU is not a Super state – neither a state nor an empire but a union of states and peoples whose policies were arrived at through consensus seeking and compromise.”

**CELTIC Interconnections Against Imperialism of northern Europeans are discussed by historians Alan Raich and Alexander Moffatt, All the ways of marking beliefs and expressing power, and understanding of our heritage and place in the world.
“British nationalism and legacy of imperialism, comes to the 21st century through contemporary mass media every day and evening”

What are the repercussions of Brexit.

Many have been fooled by the Tory right wing and nothing at all will change and a recession now is highly likely. 
Many appear to believe the media – from migrants taking peoples jobs to believing their standard of living will increase with a Brexit. The poor have been hood-winked by a Tory elite and those in London who have been amassing millions on their properties.

A majority of young people voted to stay in the EU., 73%. They already feel let down by the older generation – and now they feel old people, who pine for long lost good old days of empire – are dragging them out . Young people CAN make a difference – only 27% of under 25 year olds voted to leave the EU and only about 34% of young people voted at all which is very sad to hear. Can they not be bothered or feel their voices make no difference? Either way it’s disheartening to hear.   

Now England wants its independence there’s a lot for Scotland to consider.
Scotland now has to choose  – do we want to be part of Europe or part of the UK?